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Penis Traction Device stead of drifting down the midstream of mere ignorance. There is no way out through the schoolmaster. HOMEOPATHIC EDUCATION In truth, mankind cannot be save.d from without, by schoolmasters or any other sort of masters it can only be lamed and enslaved by them. It is said that if you wash a cat it will never again wash itself. This may or may not be true what is certain is that if you teach a man Penis Traction Device anything he will never learn it and Penis Traction Device if you cure him of a disease he will be unable to cure himself the next time it attacks him. Therefore, if you want to see a cat clean, you throw a bucket Penis Traction Device of mud over it, when it will immediately take extraordinary pains to lick the mud off, Penis Traction Device and finally be cleaner than it was before. In the same way doctors who are up to date BURGE LUBIN per cent of all the registered practitioners, and 20 per cent of the un.registered ones Penis Traction Device , when they want to rid you of a disease or a symptom, inoculate you with that disease or give you a drug that produces that symptom, in order to provoke you to resist it as the mud provokes Penis Traction Device the cat to wash itself. Now an acute person will ask me w

hy, if this be so, our false education does not provoke our scholars to find Penis Traction Device bathmate x40 before and after pictures out the truth. My answer is that does extenze make you bigger and last longer it sometimes does. Voltaire was a pupil of the Jesuits Samuel Butler was the pupil of a hopelessly conventional and erroneous country parson. Penis Traction Device But then Voltaire was Voltaire, and Butler was Butler that is, vimax male virility enhancement their Penis Traction Device minds Penis Traction Device were so abnormally strong that they could throw off the doses of poison that paralyse ordinary mind. s. When the doctors inoculate you and the homeopathists dose you, they give you an infinitesimally attenuated dose. If they gave you the virus at full strength it would overcome your resistance and produce its direct effect. The doses of false doctrine given at public schools and universities are so big that they overwhelm the resistance that a tiny dose Penis Traction Device would provoke. The normal student is corrupted beyond redemption, and will drive the genius who male enhancement pills long term effects resists out of the country if he can. Byron and Shelley had to fly to Italy, whilst Castlereagh and Eldon ruled the roost at home. Rousseau was hunted Penis Traction Device from frontier to frontier Karl Marx starved penis enlargement oils in exile in a Soho lodging Ruskin s art

Penis Traction Device were refused by the magazines he was Penis Traction Device too rich to be otherwise persecuted whilst mindless forgotten nonentities governed Penis Traction Device the land sent men to the prison or the gallows for blasphemy and sedition meaning the truth about Church and State and sedulously stored Penis Traction Device up the social disease and corruption which explode from time to time in gigantic boils that have to be lanced by a million bayonets. This is the result of allopathic Penis Traction Device education. Homeopathic education has not yet been officially tried, and would obviously be a delicate matter if it were. A body of schoolmasters inciting their pupils to infinitesimal peccadilloes with the object of provoking them to exclaim, Get thee behind me, S.atan, or telling them white lies about history for the sake of being contradicted, insulted, and refuted, would certainly do less Penis Traction Device harm than our present educational allopaths do but then nobody will advocate homeopathic education. Allopathy has Penis Traction Device produced the poisonous illusion that it enlightens instead of darkening. The suggestion may, however, explain why, whilst most people s minds succumb to inculcation and envi

ronment, a few react vigorously honest and decent people coming from Penis Traction Device thievish slums, Penis Traction Device and sceptics and realists from country parsonages. THE DIABOLICAL EFFICIENCY OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION But meanwhile and here comes the horror of it best nootropic on the market our technical instruction is honest and ef. ficient. The public schoolboy who is carefully blinded, duped, endowmax male enhancement reviews and corrupted as to the nature of a society based on profiteering, and is taught to honor parasitic idleness and luxury, learns to shoot and ride and keep fit with all the assistance and guidance Penis Traction Device that can be Penis Traction Device procured for him by Penis Traction Device the most anxiously sincere desire that he may Penis Traction Device do these things well, and if i get indigestion when taking male enhancement possible superlatively well. In the army he learns to fly to drop bombs to use machine guns to the utmost of his sex pill over the counter capacity. penis pills dont work The discovery of high explosives is rewarded and dignified instruction in the manufacture of the weapons, battleships, submarines, and land batteries by which they are applied destructively,