Eyes3Shut Technology

Liquid crystals have been extensively studied and are massively used in display technology. Their recent use to provide optical shutters in active glasses for 3-D cinema has focused the attention on new specific requirements. Recent improvements in the quality of 3-D movies production and projection (involving triple flash projectors) resulted in the need for high quality glasses with no ghosting, no colour banding, large viewing angle and better residual light.



The Eyes3Shut technical advances exploit the benefit of using liquid crystal thin cell solutions providing large viewing angle, high contrast and fast response time characteristics. Our solutions involve various liquid crystal options and composites from nematic to smectic and polymer stabilized mixtures depending on the technical demands. Two technical solutions are proposed :


In parallel Eyes3Shut has developed a Universal 3-D cinema IR Synchronization Kit including a synchronisation distribution module, high power IR emitter arrays, a tester module and an alignment liner (providing a positioning target).